Party on the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge!

The T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge will officially open this Friday, December 2nd.

Photo by: sandy’s dad

I’ve officially decided that the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge (aka the T-Pot Bridge) is the first piece in a next-level Richmond that we’re about to see unfold before us over the next couple of years. A seemingly undoable task—to build a new bridge over the James River, one that’s specifically not for cars!—has now been proven totally doable, and this Friday it opens to the public.

Join Mayor Jones (what’s the over/under for a Mayor-Elect sighting?) at 5:45 PM down on Brown’s Island for official ribbon cutting business, followed by an on-river view of the Grand Illumination at 6:00 PM. Unless you are a drone, this will be the first time folks have watched the City turn its lights on from this particular point in Richmond.

More than just a sweet spot to hang out, hold hands, and gaze at our city, the T-Pot bridge provides a much-needed bike and pedestrian connection from the Southside to downtown. It’s a project we can check off of our Riverfront plan. It’s a major piece of infrastructure that almost everyone is stoked about.

The T-Pot Bridge is some next-level urbanism! And it’s just the beginning.

Author: Ross Catrow

Advocate & organizer for RVA Rapid Transit and the Metro Richmond Clergy Committee for Rapid Transit. Loud clapper.

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