Watch the Mayorathon from the comfort of your own pile of blankets

Like you need another reason to stay in bed.

Perhaps you live under a rock, or maybe just haven’t roused yourself from bed in a while, but this past week Richmond Magazine and a group of nonprofits put on the most policy-based mayoral forum in all the land.

Named by some sort of naming genius, The Mayorathon packed, like, 800 folks into the VMFA for what I thought was going to be an exceedingly dry night of wonky discussion. In the hours before the event, I started to worry that normal people—people who don’t spend their free time elbows deep in PDFs—would find questions about regional transit funding, the master plan process, and the Roanoke 40 to be…boring? Turns out I was so super wrong, and folks are way into the details of how a city is run and who should be running it! Two lessons I learned:

  1. If you’re planning a mayoral forum, put on the forum that you yourself would like to attend.
  2. Come up with an awesome name for it.

Watch the full forum, including the candidates’ self-chosen walkup music, below:

P.S. I work for RVA Rapid Transit, one of the nonprofits involved, and spent a lot of time watching in amazement as very talented and organized people (double shoutout to Ruth!) pulled off this very amazing thing.

Author: Ross Catrow

Advocate & organizer for RVA Rapid Transit and the Metro Richmond Clergy Committee for Rapid Transit. Loud clapper.

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