What exactly it is we are trying to do, here

Great news, guys!

Presenting This Dang City, an internet location that features articles about Richmond, Virginia, including, but not limited to, the following subjects:

  • Transit: What’s It All About and Why You Should Care
  • Those Characters at City Hall and Their Entertaining Antics
  • The Mayoral Candidates Who May-or May Not Be Running Our City One Day, God Help Us All
  • Public Art! (If You Leave Out the “L” It’s a Funnier Subject)
  • Go Do This: This is Actually a Real Column Format in which Susan Makes Plans on Your Behalf
  • Fascinating People™
  • Humortown
  • Purple Stuff

Our past

My pal Ross Catrow and I used to work together to run an online magazine called RVANews. It was magical and wonderful and we got to yell at each other every day, but we also had to do a fair amount of stuff we didn’t want to do—coverage that didn’t interest us and explaining that things are jokes.

Our present

Now, we’ve got different jobs that we are happily focusing most of our considerable energy on. But it’s hard to stop ourselves from babbling about Richmond stuff, so we figured why not get it down on internet-paper.

This isn’t RVANews 2: Cruise Control. This isn’t an independent news source. We don’t make money, we don’t care about getting a scoop, we’re biased all over the place, and you can feel free to read or not read. Get excited, y’all!

What to expect

Postings at irregular intervals about Richmond-specific issues and events in a voice and tone that’s easy to read without being boring. We’ll probably pull in some guest posters every once in awhile, because we sure do know a lot of good ones.

22 thoughts on “What exactly it is we are trying to do, here”

  1. Happiness prevails. I like your very small tagline. I’ll pretend to be a useful Dang Citizen but I’m not. You need to know this. I just want to know what’s going on so that I can be fully aware of what I’m avoiding, ignoring, not caring about, and bit by bit raise my uselessness to the highest level possible so that it becomes an art form. No, Thank You, Theater, if you will. I’m useless, yes, but I still have manners, y’all.

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